About Industrial Training 2.

Industrial Training (IT) continues much after your period of attachment at an organization. There is still work to be done when school resumes for a new session. This late part of IT is what determines your grade and so you need to be prepared for it.

Here are some of the things you will encounter during this period:

Supervisor: A lecturer from your department will be assigned to supervise your activities at your place of attachment at least once during your training. 

Once you resume school, make sure you get close to your supervisor. Follow all instructions to the letter. And be on time for every meeting they set to discuss your report. 

Technical report: This is a detailed report on the practical aspect of your industrial training. Request for a format from your supervisor from past students’ report. The first copy you print out is usually for correction by your supervisor. Take every correction seriously and implement them to avoid wasting money by reprinting mistakes.

Defense: This is where you bring out the big guns and narrate your experience to a panel of lecturers and/or group of students in a presentation.

Presentation tips: You need to portray yourself and your points in a concise manner while presenting. this includes how you look (dress), audibility, confidence and clarity of your powerpoint work.

  • A white background/template is usually preferable for such presentations.
  • Let your points be just that: POINTS. Wordy slides are tiring and boring to your audience.
  • Balance the slides with pictures. Give photo credit whether you took the pictures or you downloaded them.

Printing errors: Print out your work page by page. There might be errors (like a shift in paging) that arise from transferring your work to a different system.

Cost: This is the first of many expensive projects you will need to do in your final year. This is when your savings come in handy. Talk to your supervisor to see if corrections can be done via soft copies to save cost.

Back up: A hard drive or a flash should be your best friend during this period. It seems that every laptop can sense the impending amount of work it is about to process and then crashes. This, as unfortunate as it sounds, can happen to you. To be safe, backup every saved edit of your work on your flash or hard drive. be extra and even save your work on a friend’s system.

What was your post attachment experience like? What problems did you encounter? how did you go about them? Please share with us in the comments.

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Written by Lois Samari

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