About first year in uni

You’ll be saving yourself a lot of frustration and tears later in school if you do these few things in your first year. 

The following points were collated from older students that have been where you are and now see things in a different light and know the dos and don’ts of school life.

  • Document – keeping all school related documents is a necessity. You should make photocopies of EVERYTHING YOU’RE GIVEN. This includes RECEIPTS, TELLERS, FORMS.

Save your test scripts (even the ones your eyes can’t bear to see). It can serve as proof of attendance on a day you don’t expect. 

  • Ask questions – don’t pretend that you know it. It will be your first mistake if you do. Can’t find your lecture hall? Ask. Don’t know where to get something signed? Ask. Ask around until you get answers.

But be sure to ask people that know (staff, SRC/department officials). Asking your mates might be futile because chances are they know only as much as you do, which isn’t much at this stage. 

  • Just do it – to avoid the consequences of many things, like wasting time and unnecessary drama, be where you’re supposed to be at the right time, do what is expected of you by observing rules and regulations. With time, you’ll become familiar with your environment and certain patterns so you understand how to prioritize. Still, play your part and “just do it”. 
  • Result print out – after every semester, do not fail to print out your result once you can gain access to it. Don’t assume it will always be online for you to refer to when you need it.

A hard copy will always save the day. The worst thing that can happen to anyone is having issues with results that you know you can defend but lack the evidence to do so. 

  • Register your courses – all your attendance, assignments, practical, tests and exams will count for nothing if you miss registering your courses for the semester. This is because only registered courses are counted /recorded in your result and registration certifies that you took that course. So find out from your department how and when to register your courses at the beginning of the semester. 
  • Always have extra passports.
  • Settle down quickly – don’t get lost in trying to get accustomed to your environment and peers that you forget the main reason why you’re here. Take out time to do things that matter like praying, reading, exercising, eating and you’ll see that in the course of time, you will find people whose patterns align with yours. 

At the end of the day, remember to take things easy (with caution of course). This is a good time to make memories as you transition to a new phase in your life.

So, push yourself outside your comfort zone: socialize, join a club, try out something (moral) you’ve always thought about. 

Document these moments with pictures, videos, journals. These are memories you’ll cherish long after you’ve left first year. 

What else would you like to know about your first year? What seems to be the most daunting part of uni life so far? 

What encounters greeted you in your first year? Do share with us in the comments, via our social media dms or through the ‘Guest Post Submission’

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Written by Lois Samari

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