On writing

Not novelists, poets or screenwriters. Just people who put thoughts and plans down on paper.

Goods are produced in a factory but not consumed there and that’s the same way your ideas must be transferred from your head to paper.  

Here’s why: 

Your mind is a jungle you can never fully explore:

Having an idea and keeping it in your head is like burying a treasure under a random tree in the jungle and expecting to find it again. What’s to say you won’t forget it?

You can’t trust your mind to hold information without spoiling it:

When an idea hits you, it’s the most brilliant thing in the world at that moment. But when you leave it in your head only, your mind will play games and wane it’s brilliance to a dull shine until you no longer like it. Then you discard it. And there goes another brilliant idea the world needed.

Pollution in the mind is real: 

You need your ideas in the purest form possible – the way they come to you first. If you don’t write them as soon as possible, other ideas will pollute it and it will lose its essence.

Writing is easy:

That’s why it’s one of the first skills we learn growing up. Instead of jumbling information in your head, just write it. 

We need to learn the magic of writing in whatever we do. It is the foundation on which every other craft is built.

Written by Lois Samari

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