Before you start keeping natural hair 


Why? – Most people do it for the trend. #teamnatural. The most important reason should be because “I want healthy hair”. “I want to take the health of my hair more seriously. You can achieve healthy hair relaxed or natural but you may want to take it a step further, mostly because of the damaging effects of the relaxer. This way, you have a clearer perceptive as to how to go about it. It guides every other thing you want to do; dye it, cut it, trim it with the ‘healthy hair’ mantra at the back of your mind.
So whatever people are doing, the progress they’re making, or the absence of it, on their hair won’t shake you so much because you know your ‘why’. Every other thing becomes a continuation, the edges, length and all that.

The support you get (or lack of) – prejudice will come from everywhere once you start. It’s worse from the supposed hairdressers that are meant to take care of your natural hair at the salon. “ah ahh, aunty, you no go relaigz this your hair?” “this your virgin hair, be as e get oh”. Well that’s how God made it.
Not everybody has somebody supportive because it is a very sensitive thing, your hair. Some people even go “why did you cut your hair!?” as if they’ve never seen anything more outrageous. Or “your hair is too thick. It’s too tough!” You need mental preparation for this journey so whatever anybody says to you won’t move your resolve.

Not all natural hair is healthy hair – if you never knew, know it now. Many people will never admit that not all natural hair is healthy and not all healthy hair is natural. Some people in the natural hair community diss those who have relaxed hair thinking that ‘relaxed hair isn’t natural hair’. The truth is this, any hair growing from your scalp is natural. Whether relaxed, texturized or without chemical aids. The only difference is that the chemicals uncurl your kinks. Even without the relaxers and all, many people still don’t take care of their hair properly so there’s no way of achieving the results they expect to get from keeping it all natural.                                                           

                                                                            – Salami, Victory           


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