To live life without a smartphone.


We’re back to another semester of working stealthy ninja skills with porters and security guards. Another round of the infamous game, “How fast and well you can hide your smartphone?” and the National anthem of Nokia torch light ringtones. 

We can all agree that a large percent of us aren’t out to be rebellious to school rules but a rule like this can get constricting to even our academic lives. 

If you’re reading this and you can’t understand why students can’t seem to live without smartphones, let me enlighten you.

  1. Research: some assignments near well require a trip to the amazon or an Everest climb to find the answers. Thankfully, our trusty Google has been there, done that so we only need to tap our way to new knowledge.
  2. Efficiency: Speed, accuracy, reliable information, ease of access, portability. 
  3. SLIDES!!!: need I say more? 

This list can go on. It’s a big hassle asking students to buy tabs or laptops. That’s adding an avoidable want to a long list of needs. There’s the almost ever, present battle of school fees, dues, upkeep income. Buying a tab or laptop isn’t really a possibility for many students right now and so we’re back again at this crossroad:

To sneak in your phone or to suffer an entire semester without the avail of smartphones.

There is a discord between the school authority and the student body. A lack of understanding how the mind of a youth functions to be able to pass on instructions and expect them to be followed without a skirmish. This sort of miscommunication can trigger rebellion from the students. Now, we give a clarion call to our recently elected SRC members to bridge the gap of discord and voice out our point of view to the authorities.

Nevertheless, we shall not fall this semester! We shall stay true to our resilient nature and pass through this like the sedulous soldiers we are!

For Bingham University.

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  1. I would say they don’t have any good reason to stop smart phones… The stop of smart phone just made things and information harder to send..smartphone is easy to carry. Imagine receiving a message on WhatsApp but u don’t know because u use ur PC..everybody is using WhatsApp.ita global nw. It just pointless and we don’t even have SRC In the university self..

  2. Something has to be done about this smart phones are not allowed but tablets are …it doesn’t change anything is still the same either ways

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