Interviewee – Adnan Victor

Interviewer – Lois Samari


Name: Adnan Victor Nzeh
Level: 300 
Department: Physiology  
Position: Head Coach 

Private Campus (PC) – As the head coach, tell us when FUSION started officially.

Adnan (A) – FUSION started 2018. It was just like three friends coming together and saying “what if we start a team?” And then it grew into… in fact, the first meeting happened under the tree at *samba pitch. It just started as an idea and this is 2019 and we are here now. 

PC – So as a club, what does FUSION stand for? What is the idea behind FUSION? 

A – Fusion is, as the name stands and giving the material definition, fusion is fusing of elements, materials and substances or anything. Just bringing two things together. So FUSION is more of you bring your strength, I bring my strength, we fuse it together then we form a formidable team. 

PC – Have you always had that dream to head a team or did it just happen? Was there a necessity for it? 

A – Okay. I’ve loved football as a baby. Since I was born as I can remember, I’ve loved football. I’ve admired men like Ferguson. I’ve admired people like Massimiliano and growing up I saw Nigerians; Siasia, Steven Keshi of blessed memory and I still remember the controversial Sunday Oliseh as coaches and I’ve wanted to be a coach. 

​Most times when. I look at the mirror, I imagine I’m coaching a team and I show sports reactions and all of that. I. just know it’s been there and my dad, funny enough, coached the famous ‘Super Strikers’ of Kaduna state. So he played alongside very strong players. I can remember Lawal who is late now but then these were people who played ball in the ’90s and I grew up in that tradition of football. 

PC – So it’s safe to say it’s in the genes for you? 

A – Yeah it’s in the genes for me 

PC – How many players are on FUSION so far?

A – We have eighteen (18) signed players and four (4) unsigned. They are just members of the team. 

PC – Okay so are you still opened to accepting new players?

A – For the competition (BFL), we can’t sign any more players. We have our eighteen players as recommended by the BFA already. So we are just open for players who want to come and try out with us and then play in the next season.

PC – When new players were coming in, what was the recruitment process like? What did you look out for? 

A – It was not just me. It was me, the assistant coach and some other technical members of the club. We started looking out very early for these guys. We started observing them from *Samba. The first day they played football in the school. Inter-departmental competitions, inter level and all of that. We began scouting for talent and then we approached them. Then basically, we just wanted to see football handling, ball control and just basics. Intelligence in football. 

PC – Is there a class or level range that you look out for? Say first year/new students or anyone in general? 

A – Okay, we wanted giving opportunity this year to guys who have not played in the BFL before to give them an opportunity to show their talents and skills. Because Bingham has this stereotype of the same faces playing football. So, we just made it open for new faces to get a platform to show themselves. And then we observed some players who were actually very good but didn’t get good playing time. So we brought them to FUSION and said ‘let’s give them a bigger platform’ to show Bingham University that there are really good players and it’s paying off. 

So we brought them to FUSION and said ‘let’s give them a bigger platform’ to show Bingham University that there are really good players and it’s paying off

Adnan Victor – Head Coach

PC – We think that’s a thing with all sports. Having the same faces all the time and not trusting new players so it’s really a great idea what FUSION is doing. 

PC – Can you give us a rundown of the team’s progress including friendlies and matches played since BFL started? 

A – *laughs* Rundown…well, we’ve not won any match, we’ve not won any match. Our first friendlies was against *Barclays and it was a 3 – 3 draw. Our second was against *Northcube and it was a 2- 2 draw and then we played our first match, our first BFL game against Northcube. 

We possessed the game. It was… we balled them to death. We played football but football happens. They equalized in the 97th…no 95th minute I think. Because we didn’t know what the ref was timing and then we know there was an equalization that gave us 2 -2 and then the game ended that way. 

PC – So we know you’re an SRC official, a health science student and school generally is a lot to handle. So how do you balance doing the SRC job, being a student and also being a head coach? 

A – Umm, it’s tedious. It’s really tedious. It’s keeping me on this 24/7 balance that I have to make sure every part of my life is balanced. That I’m not cheating the other side. So I don’t know. I just know that God has been helping me. I’ve been able to balance my lifestyle in a way that the same way I push for my academics is the same way I push for my social life, for my spiritual life, my sports and all that. So I don’t cheat the other parts but then, some sides are more demanding than others.

I don’t know how I do it but best believe God is helping me. 

PC – Okay so last question. We don’t want to harass you too much. From your experience as a player and as a head coach now, do you think that the school is giving enough support to football and sports in general? 

A – Well, so far so good, the school is trying. At least the platform is here. The SRC too. I will commend *Maku’s set for really creating that level for bringing out sports and stamping it in the hearts of Bingham students. I feel they’re doing a great job but what I will say is the school needs to really do more in sports. More investments need to be made. We have a high number of students here who are young people and then most times we wait for our turn to play and then it happens that sometimes the sports equipment are not enough for us. We need more equipment and courts. If we could get an open hall for table tennis and all of those, it will be very interesting. If this school could have a sports complex or stadium, it will really go a long way in encouraging many of us young people. 

​And I will say that sports are what takes us off drugs. Because if you go to the hostels by 4:00pm and 6:00pm, you’ll feel sad because the level of idleness is really overwhelming and sports is what brings us out and takes us off idleness and makes us feel like we have a social life. 

PC – So sports is substituting for the social life that many students feel we lack?

A – Yes it is.

*samba pitch - a small pitch in Bingham uni where “five-aside” football is played. 

*BFL - Bingham Football League. An annual football tournament in Bingham university 

*Barclays - football club in Bingham university *Northcube - football club in Bingham university 

*Maku - Students Repressive Council President Bingham University 2018/2019 session 

To find out more about Adnan and FUSION FC, visit their instagram page: @fusionfc or @adnan_chibmillian

This interview was conducted in November, 2019. All references made are correct as at time of interview. 

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