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In all nine years of BHU’s existence, the basketball community of Bingham has never been more organized and open to recruiting a larger number of students. 

And so seeing how the court has grown, we spoke to the team’s outgoing captain to find out how the journey has been. 

Private Campus – So tell us, how long have you been with the Pacers team?

Sesugh– Well for 3 years there about.

PC – And at what point where you made the team’s captain?

S – That was early last year.

PC – So when was it that things began to change from just a bunch of students playing basketball to an organized team?

S – I would say , from the times of Abutu; the first captain  . There has been a constant rise in the level of organization and development on the court. I mean now we have a part time coach.

PC – Alright. Well as with every organization, leadership is required. So asides yourself, are there any other leaders on court that help to carry the weight? 

S – Well there is definitely the female captain Blessing.The former captain Benjosh, assistant capitan Kayode .and Lazarus, drill co-ordinator.

PC – Oh wow. It must be really helpful having a lot of hands to help out.

S – Most definitely, there is no ‘I’ in team . You need the right set of hands to push the game forward.

PC – Well said.  

So you mentioned a rise in the level of development on the court, can you give us An overview of how the team has grown so far?

S – Well for one, we have an active female basketball team. We finally have our own league, which is played on Fridays. We have more people wanting to come and learn the game. 

PC – Hmm. Those are really great strides for the team.

When players come through, what is a typical training day like on court?

S – Well , we start off with drills. Then a full court game of mostly 4-5 quarters.

PC – That’s calm. Well what about interested students? What should they know about joining the team?

S – Well they need to understand that to play on this court you need to bring your best. Practice makes perfect; no word or correction should be taken to heart just, just keep striving for greatness. 

BHU Pacers

PC – Couldn’t have said it better myself. Now earlier you talked about a part time coach. Why isn’t there a full time coach? Or is that not necessary for the team?

S – It is definitely necessary,  as a captain only had so much experience. Bingham university has not been able to pull up the funding for a basketball coach . Rather it has one coach for all sports.

PC – That doesn’t sound efficient. But does the part time coach come through for the team? As much as possible that is.

S – Truly it isn’t. He definitely does. So much so that it feels like he is actually a full time coach. 

PC – Well thank God for that. Having guidance from a higher authority is really important especially when dealing with your peers.

The Pacers are the only basketball team we’re aware of in the school. Does the school management recognize you as the official school team and do they provide any support for the court?

S – Well, I myself was very surprised when I was first told that we were not registered and recognised by the school as a team .

Considering the fact that there have been more than 4 captains before me. But it is something that we are working on. Besides that the SRC has been very supportive. They changed the face of our court. 

PC – Well that’s a step in the right direction. Kudos to the SRC. 

See sports are considered the major social activities in BHU so have their been any matches or competitions with other schools especially those that require the team leaving the school to play?

And will there be more of such matches in the future?

S – Well there have certainly been matches. But mostly home matches and league matches. Due to the strict restrictions as well as financial support from the school we haven’t been able to go for away  matches. 

PC – Alright then. Well lastly, when we talk about contact sports, basketball is one of them and the predicament we find ourselves in in the world today doesn’t encourage contact as a safety measure. Are there any set precautions we’re going to see the team practicing post resumption (whenever that may be) to adhere to these safety measures?

S – For now , I have never really considered measures to take on resumption.  But for now I’ll advice everyone to come back with a good face masks as well as hand sanitizers .before and after every game. 

PC – That’s good. Adhering to the already set measures is a smart place to start. 

*SRC – Bingham University Student Representative Council (2019/2020 session)

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