Interviewee – Victor Adnan

Interviewer – Lois Samari

Name:Victor Adnan
Level: 200
Aspired post:P.R.O

Respect and honesty are fortes for Adnan. See what else he has to say about leadership and responsibility.

Private Campus (PC): Tell us about yourself Adnan.

Adnan (A): I am NZEH VICTOR ADNAN. A 200Level student from the Faculty of Health Sciences. I am a color black and white person, I love cooking food and vegetables. My hobbies are writing, watching movies and sports.

PC: Do you understand the duties required of a PRO?

A: Yes I do

PC: So can you explain what they are?

A: Okay. Basically a public relations officer is the liaison person for a brand, organization or union. He uses wide range of media and publicity to keep the populace informed and current on events, situations and activities going on.

PC: What do you think is the key to success when communicating with the public?

A: Thanks for this question. Most people don’t bother to ask. Communication in this setting deals with information so the catchment area is a student body and its supervising authority so communication is successful when it can be easily conveyed by the informant to the recipient.

PC: Being a PRO requires one to be able to bridge the gap of communucation between the school authority and student body. How do you intend to do that?

A: If I am to go all out on this based on the reality I think the best way to do this is play a diplomatic kind of representation where we ask for a test or check our guarantee to some certain kind of freedom.I have always been a believer that Bingham Students have 98% good eggs and 2% bad eggs and the 2% are not dangerous the good have higher influence. So I’ll be a diplomatic relations person and ensure that both parties are properly understood. There is this basic need for the authority to hear us and we to hear them we both have a role to play in this factor. My answers are based on certain restrictions and bans. Long story short, I would play a vital role in been as diplomatic as possible to ensure we hear and are heard.

PC: How will you use social media, if you’re elected, to everyone’s advantage?

A: The easiest means of communication is the social media and the world is in a phase right now. We need memos, messages, instructions and Information sent across so Social media  would go a long way in easing accessibility, efficiency and prompt receival so we all need social media to survive in the Information and Communication Technology age. Scholars need social media to be prompt.

PC: That’s so true. But do you think that the smartphone ban will affect the way information is being communicated especially since social media and smartphones always go hand in hand?

A: Yes to a 60% extent, but I have worked on 3 strategies which I would discuss with the excos if elected that would make communication accessible it would go a long way to easing information I would not reveal those here and now due to some obvious reasons.

PC: The office of the PRO is one of the major mouth pieces of the student body. So if you’re elected, how would you improve the power that the student voice has?

A: “A suppressed voiced is a marginalized voice and a “voice without a sound is voiceless voice” that’s my perspective of speak your truth. If God allows us cry and talk unto him who are we mortal men that we cannot speak up or listen to ourselves. A good father listens to his son and a good son listens to his father. I would do my possible best to speak up no matter the intimidation. I would be very respectful and honest.

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  1. Hello! I could have sworn I’ve visited your blog before but after going through some of the posts I realized it’s new to me.
    Nonetheless, I’m definitely happy I discovered it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back often!

    1. Thank you so much Dee! We’re so glad you found this!

      Please feel free to suggest any content you’d like to see more of.

  2. Thank you coach! We’ll look into making separate categories for the different schools. Great idea!

  3. Hi PC,
    Great work you are doing here.
    I believe all relationship begins and end in communication.

    The lovers, the school, the job, the sports.
    more of listening, first and learning than speaking I’d very important.

    School FM station can be an innovative way to make communication very solid.

    Also I did not see a mention category of the school here. Since the blog I’d private campus.

    Can you create. Category and specify the campus since we have over 75 campuses in Nigeria.?

    Just a thought thought.
    Great work here.

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