Interviewee – Yusuf Dutse

Interviewer – Lois Samari

Name: Yusuf Dutse
Level: 300
Department: Political Science
Aspired Post: President

Experience and hard work are under his belt. Read this enlightening interview and see the man that is Yusuf Dutse.

Private Campus (PC): Please tell us who Yusuf Dutse is.

Yusuf (Y): Well. That’s a very good question. It’s really hard to put a tab on myself though. I am a 300 level student in the department of Political Science. I’m from Bauchi State. I’d say Yusuf Dutse is an enigmatic person who finds it hard to understand his own personality. He’s extremely curious and focussed on learning new things and being the best at what he does. Usually mistaken for being proud, he thinks he’s actually very much self confident. I guess that’s who Yusuf is. But I guess who Yusuf is varies from person to person.

PC: Well that’s really interesting. Have you been in any previous leadership postions, particularly in this school?

Y: Yes I have. For some odd reason, leadership has come naturally to me, to be very honest. I was Head Prefect in Primary and Secondary school. In Bingham University, I’ve have been course/class/level  representative for my department, Political Science. Currently, I have served in the SRC for the past year as the Public Relations Officer (Male). So I guess I’ve had my fair share of leadership.

PC: Impressive. Tell us how your experiences in this school have prepared you to be effective in such a position?

Y: Good question. Well, Bingham University is a dynamic environment. Things change. I’d say personally, what I feel has made me the man for the job is my experience over the past year. I believe I already know the nitty gritty of the SRC. I know what we can do to the best of our capabilities. With interactions with various principals officers who are presiding over the various departments in the school, I have gained knowledge from speaking with them and getting ideas from them.

Asides that, I’ve heard the pressing complaints of the average student and to be honest, they are very solvable. So I feel my experience over the past year has given me purpose.

PC: Being SRC president is apparently a huge deal that comes with a lot for one to handle. So why go for it?

Y: Aye. I totally agree. It’s not easy. I worked hand in hand with Ma’aku, the current president and I saw how tough it was on him.

Honestly, I told myself that I wanted to become the SRC president when I came to Bingham University in 100 level, and since then I have been working towards that goal.

Terna, the president then just had this aura that was admirable. Anyway, I want to be President because I feel like I’m born to serve. I’m born to leave a mark wherever I go. There’s alot of challenges which Bingham University students face. I want to try to solve as many as possible to the best of my ability before I leave. I want to make life just a bit easier for the general student population, because it’s the little things that matter.

PC: That’s great to hear. Your dedication is so obvious. That’s hard to find these days. In the event that you’re elected, you’re going to be leading the rest of the SRC officials. So how do you plan on coordinating both them and the rest of the student body?

Y: Very amazing question. It underlines the concept of administration.

Basically, I’m going to have to firstly get to know who my fellow executives are. We’re going to have to sit down and discuss all which we have planned, then agree, collectively, on what we will to together as a team.

The SRC isn’t a one man thing, it is a 13 man thing. It’s a team effort.

From then on we shall work towards our collective goals as a team. I believe that will create a sense of unison amongst us, the council members.As for the remaining student body, all they want is their voices to be heard, and that we shall do for them. At the same time, we will definitely carry them along in all our activities by realizing memos stating what we are going to do or are doing, as well as if possible, holding general congress meetings to fill them in on our progress and status.

PC: You said you worked on and with the outgoing administration. Is that correct?

Y: Yes that’s correct.

PC: Well at there any specific initiatives that administration that you’ll like to continue?

Y: Yes, there are. We’ve been really innovative with our choice of social activities. They’ve been out of the norm.

We had a movie night, morning jogging sessions, Barbaque night, game night, karaoke nights and a carnival. Also, a talent show was just concluded which was an amazing job by a group of students called the Council of Elders.

We take no credit for it, of course, but I fill the ingenuity was as a result of the new page or social activities during our tenure.

I’d say the talent show is something I personally feel should be done more in Bingham University because there are lost of students with hidden talents waiting to burst in the stage.

PC: If you’re elected, what would be your top priority and how would you go about realistically addressing it?

Y: My main priorities are students welfare in the hostel. I’m looking to purchase water tanks/reservoirs for the hostels. You may say, the hostels already have tanks but honestly they aren’t serving enough.

Water and electricity are the main problems of Bingham University. I might not be able to exactly solve electricity, but water is easily solvable. By buying these tanks, water is gonna be stored in them so even in the event that there’s no light, or light goes out, because water was already flowing into those tanks, there’s a sufficient reserve to suit students needs. This will be done in all hostels. Pumps will also be put in place to speed up the water pumping process to these tanks.

Also, the hanging lines which were provided during Yusuf Amlai’s administration have deteriorated. The ropes are all cut and worn out, some poles are bent. It’s a very simple fix, have the polls refixed properly, have new ropes purchased and out in place, and that’s another problem solved. Also, the tap areas need to be redone properly to avoid the swamping that we’ve grown used to.

Fumigation and cutting of grassy areas is also a priority because there are dangerous reptiles and insects which could be thriving in such environments.

They are very simple fixes which actually affect our lives in the hostel more than we think.

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