Interviewee – Anderson Oviawe

Interviewer – Lois Samari

Name: Anderson Oviawe
Level: 300
Department: Economics
Aspired post: Director of Socials

An economist, songwriter and music producer. In this interview, Anderson shows us that there’s more to him than meets the eye and that he’s willing to let his experiences from this diversity bring the change BHU social life needs.

Private Campus (PC): Some of us don’t know who Anderson is. So can you tell us who you are?

Anderson (A): My name’s Anderson Oviawe, a 300 hundred level student currently studying Economics at Bingham University. I come from Edo state. I’m also a music producer and a songwriter.

PC: Oh wow. That’s nice. This shows that you’re quite diverse. How can we expect this diversity to show in the event that you’re elected as DOSocials?

A: Well basically, i can’t lie,  being a producer might not help much if I’m duly elected into office by God’s grace. But I’m quite experienced in the sense that I have worked with A-list media companies and also have closely worked with the present administration of the S.R.C. So I believe I have gained every needed experience as to how to serve as a Director of Socials

PC: The social life of the students is very important to them. But the school authority and the student body seem to have very different opinions about that. How do you intend to bridge that gap and aptly represent the students interest?

A: Very true! Bingham University is a faith based community so the student body has been limited in recent times to the kind of events that it can pull off and even down to the kind of artists that can perform at such events so as to not contradict the the schools beliefs and faith. If duly elected by God’s grace I and my colleagues would have a closed door meeting with the school authorities and make them understand the importance of the social life of we students, and also work towards organizing social events that everybody can participate in and also If duly elected i would call for a meeting with the director of socials across all departments and associations to enable the students interest to be represented to the maximum.

PC: Now everybody’s idea of “social” is different.  How do you plan on being inclusive with social activities if elected?

A: Yeah. That term “social” here in Bingham comes with the notion “PARTY!!!!”, believe me it’s more than that. Being duly elected, I have plans to balance the social, moral and spiritual lives of students, there would be educative events to help the students academically (e.g. Interdepartmental competitions and others). I believe there are also too many talents in Bingham that are underground. I would make do my best to bring exposure to such people. Those are a few things I plan to make happen if elected God willing.

PC: We see alot of other schools having events sponsored by some brands. Do you intend to work with any of such brands for the students to have similar experiences?

A: Sure! We can’t plan to solely depend the student dues being collected to function in office. I intend to partner with external organizations and also generate revenue for the S.R.C. through events too. The past administration did well with that also.

PC: Well lastly, we gave students the opportunity to send in questions of their own for the candidates. This question was directed to a DOSocials aspirant.

 A: Hit me with it!

PC: It says, “if you’re elected, will you bring back the dinners we used to have. Especially the FYB dinner?”

A: Well…i must inform you and the general public that dinners in Bingham were not abolished permanently, but dinners in Bingham have not always been at its best due to the curfews and  and all, you can imagine the securities and school authorities putting it the power supply in the middle of a dinner!! Things like that has demoralized most Bingham students and given them a perspective that dinners in Bingham are scrappy and won’t work out perfectly,  so what the previous administration did was to come out with ideas on how to pull the crowd out again and believe me those idea worked…the turn up was massive. As earlier said I would be meeting with all director of socials if duly elected and the students interests would be carried out and as for the FYB dinner I have huge plans for that which I wouldn’t say for now.Hopefully they all turn out well.

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