Interviewee – Jesse Yarakawa

Interviewer – Lois Samari

Name: Jesse Melchisedec Yarakawa
Level: 300
Department: Computer Science
Aspired Post: Secretary General

The very insightful Jesse is confident about bringing the change students require. Find out how:

Private Campus (PC): A lot of people might not know you, so tell us who Jesse Yarakawa is.

Jesse (J): Well Jesse Melchisedec Yarakawa is a young boy born in Nigeria on the  14th July. I’m a student of Bingham University from the department of computer science, 300level.

PC: Can you shed some light on what the office of the Secretary-General is all about?

J: Yeah, the office General Secretary not Secretary General, is the power house for every union and in this case the Student representative council (SRC). The general Secretary is responsible for the daily running of the union, he mediates between the students and school. He is the Representative of the students/student council. He is responsible for proper documentation of the council affairs.

PC: First off, that was very enlightening. Secondly, correction noted. Well it seems you understand the work mapped out for you and in the event that you win, it sounds like a lot of work. So why go for it?

J: It is definitely a lot of work but commitment to the greater good of my fellow students is much more better. If elected to office and students look at the positive effect of the council on  student life, I believe my services and time invested are worth while.

PC: That’s great. What qualities do you posses that make you the right man for this job?

J: Character, good character, the zeal to being a catalyst for positive change, selfless service, intergrity, diligence and commitment to my work or an task assigned to me.

PC: Well your intentions sound great. And we believe it’s safe to assume that you’ve done your research well. So what do you think is the major problem/discord between the school authority and the student body?

J: The major problem between the school authority and student body is proper communication and someone with great skills to represent the students interest to the school without conflicting it with school regulations and guidelines for the students in general.

PC: On point. Many people seem to think the same way. Last question, what is the first thing you expect the next administration to tackle, whether or not you’re part of the administration?

J: Clearly, it should be the students well being. Making sure on resumption, the basic amenities students need is provided for a kick start to a comfortable and productive semester for the students by the school administration advocated for by the students Representative Council.

PC: Is there any other thing you’d like to add?

J: Not to seem like a pessimist, but in the eventuality of not getting elected into office, I will urge whoever is there to please prove transparency in handling student representation and proper communication channel with the students, it shouldn’t be that the SRC is inaccessible to students but rather a welcoming ground to everyone for a progressive student Representative council.

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