Interviewee – Chima Okereke

Interviewer – Lois Samari

Name: Chima Okereke
Level: 300
Department: Computer Science
Aspired post: Secretary General

Go hard or go home is Chima’s motto in accomplishing tasks. See how he plans on putting the students first if elected for Secretary General.

“…I am also efficient and once I set my mind to something, I use everything in my arsenal to see it done.”

Chima Okereke

Private Campus (PC): First, tell us who Chima Okereke is.

Chima (C): Okereke Chima is a student of Bingham University, of the department of Computer science, 300 level.

PC: When people hear “Secretary-General”, what should come to mind?

C: I feel when they hear that, they should think of one of their flag bearers, a person strong and capable to table important matters brought to the notice of the SRC. Someone that can be held accountable for the activities of the SRC. And should be able to defend confidently the activities of the SRC.

PC: So how does the Sec-gen office contribute to the student’s welfare?

C: The secretary general as we know is the record holder of the council. He is the minute keeper. And also the one that calls the council together. Therefore with such power I believe he/she is someone that can bring the problems of the people to the notice of the council and in line, find solutions together with the other members of the council. 

PC: So what attributes does Chima posses that make him the right person for the job?

C: I like to believe I’m friendly in nature, therefore very approachable for people to bring their problems to someone high up the ladder. I believe I’m confident and that’s a very necessary trait needed cause i believe in the process of trying to get the problems of the people sorted you’ll. should I say step on some toes. I believe I am also efficient and once i set my mind to something i use everything in my arsenal to see it done.

PC: Now speaking of student problems, what are the top issues students face that you think the next administration should handle?

C: Having spoken to many students. I feel the most common problem is that of water and light. Then the environmental issues. I have also heard complains of the social standard in the school but seeing that the school is a faith based institution and it was made that way to build good morals in students, i think there’s almost nothing to be done in that aspect. But on the agenda of dinners i feel there may yet be hope. 

PC: You explained that (and we paraphrase) the work of the Sec-gen is to keep the rest of the SRC in check. Is that correct?

C: Yes it is. But more like to keep them informed. 

PC: What do you think the relationship between the SRC and school authority should look like?

C: I think it should be a solidly formal relationship. The type of relationship where everyone is open to understanding each other. Because this relationship I strongly believe is key in the development of the institution.

PC: Now let’s talk about health for a minute. Is there any plan the school should have to secure the well being of her students at all times?

C: Hmmmm. Yes I think the upgrade to the environment within the institution will be key in taking away a lot of health hazards like mosquitoes, water and air pollution which will in turn make the school a safer place health wise. And also I think people found the previous clinic method of prepayment better than the current system in use….that way people got attended to withstanding their current financial abilities.

Although the current system does have it’s ways around that like delayed payment but I think people were more comfortable with the previous system.

PC: For us, student empowerment is key. If you’re elected, how do you intend to get students involved in various activities in the school as contributors?

C: Yes. Now you see the involvement of students in activities is major key for me. I’d initially like to begin with a meeting of all students with the council to meet and get to know the problems they face so we can identify the key things to tackle as an administration. But still from there onward , keep them informed about the “how” of the things we do to try and resolve these problems brought to us by the use of the school’s site to update the minutes of meetings held or notice boards.

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