Interviewee – Arthur Molokwu

Interviewer – Lois Samari

Name: Arthur Molokwu
Level: 300
Department: Computer Science
Aspired Post: Director of Socials

“…leadership is an act of serving and showing proper integrity…”

Arthur Molokwu

Arthur Molokwu was detailed about his intentions for the social life of Bingham University if elected. Read his interview below.

Private Campus (PC): Tell us who Arthur Molokwu is.

Arthur (A): Arthur Molokwu is a student of Bingham University and also a social bulldozer, studying in the department of Computer Science. I am the current D.O.Socials for the department, a DJ, an events planner & CEO of ArtFlex Entertainment NG. I am a Social builder and an opportunist that takes advantage of any loophole that could create social activities fun filled environment. Therefore you can call me Entertainment itself.

PC: Have you previously held any leadership position or is this something that is new to you?

A: Wow, thanks for bringing back old time memories. I was the sports prefect during my primary school days, when I got to senior secondary(SS3), I was also opportune to be the labor prefect for the school. Presently I am an undergraduate in Bingham university and I currently hold the office of the D.O.Socials of my department.

PC: Well it seems you’re a bit familiar with this. So what will you say leadership is all about?

A: Well, according to English scholars, leadership can be defined as the action of leading a group of people or an organization. But, in my own terms and understanding, I believe leadership is an act of serving and showing proper integrity, with the mindset of representative and giving listening ear to the need of the people.

PC: So what can we expect you to bring to the social life of Bingham university?

A: Being a private faith based university, here are some of the things to be expected from me with immediate effect when I get elected into the office of D.O.Socials.

1.Based on a survey I carried out concerning students interest, I plan on kick starting and making firm some social clubs, such as;

   * Bingham Photography club
* Theater club
2. *School cultural day
  *Rag day and awards to the best dressed(if approved by school).

Here are the few I can disclose on social media. Anticipate to read and hear the rest on and before the day of the manifesto.

PC: Are there any existing social activities established by previous administrations that you’d love to continue and why?

A: I would love to continue and improve on the fresher’s welcome event, which has been a yearly tradition in the institution. Asides that, I would prefer to implement my own “fresh wine” ideas to bring a new social atmosphere differ from what has been repeatedly done yearly.

PC: One more question. Do you have any ideas to involve the students in planning of these events? If yes, how?

A: Bravo, exactly what I was anticipating to see from you.

Remember, I am there to satisfy the needs of the students. I believe they sent me on the errand to serve in the office of D.O.Socials, I assume that they all have wonderful ideas to be shared and want to play a vital role in making my own ideas and plans a success for better happenings in the school in terms of social life. Based on this I will create Google forms which will be sent to all students to write what their thoughts are and after which a voting site will be put up for the Students to vote for the one they prefer and majority surely will carry the vote. 

So with this written above, my answer is YES

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