Going the extra mile

If there’s one thing this country has taught us, it’s to know how to ‘do it yourself’. Our resilience has made us brilliant at improvisation. But this is not enough. It can only take us so far. We have to stop making do with is handed to us and take the reins for ourselves. It is evident that formal education is one of the key factors that can help us do that. But that also is proving to not be enough. Only those well-equipped with knowledge and the ability to act on that knowledge can make it these days. This is not to disregard the importance of formal education but to highlight that of self education. Going the extra mile is what sets you apart and that is what self education is. 

Understanding the power of self education will lead to development on individual levels. When developed individuals come together, magic happens. The system flows and makes sense. 

By now, we must be tired of blaming every government that has come and gone. We must be tired of stagnancy that has become a scar on our skins. So it is time to change the only constant; us

Let us show you the what, why and how of self education:


Self education is getting knowledge by yourself, going the extra mile. 


A lot of people are no longer into the idea of keeping all your eggs in one basket hence the need for many of us to diversify. In the spirit of #doubleyourhustle, everyone wants to move into a different kind of business. Well, we’re not always opportune to have the time and resources to pursue such endeavors formally and this is where self education comes in.

  • Cost: Where you might need an arm and a leg to acquire formal education, self education usually costs less. Its cost is usually embeded in things we already have or get frequently.
  • Self confidence: With knowledge comes power and with power, confidence. 
  • No limits: You don’t have to limit the amount, kind or source of getting your information which can be a very good thing most of the time
  • All rounder: You learn outside your scope which gives you an advantage.


The truth is a lot of the things we need to know are more accessible that we think. We just need to refocus our energy and resources in the right channels. Refocusing here means getting to know what exactly we can use to help us and how. 

  • Get a plan: Find out what you want to do (business, art, learning a skill)
  • Materials (what to use):

1. Social media: Use social media to ask those that have already done it. Slide into their dms. Get as much information as you can then compare notes and tailor to your fit. 2. Youtube: YouTube is the world’s biggest class where you can learn everything about anything. 3. Books

  • Schedule: Where the joy of self education is, is in its flexibility. It can be tailored to fit whatever your schedule is.

It may be that you’ve already started something that’s working for you. That’s great! But there’s always more work to do. To be the best, you need to know everything about what you do. Learning never really ends. 

Share with us how you go the extra mile for what you do in the comment section.

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