Proudly Naija!

Definition – The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

I am a Nigerian. Born in Nigeria. Raised in Nigeria. If I am to tell my naija story, it has to be one of resilience. That is our reality as naijarians. Our environment tells us to be tough. Our government, over the years, have given us a tough skin, thereby rendering all our receptors dead. Whatever we feel, if we feel anything that is, is nothing short of hopelessness that stems from the loss of faith in our elected leaders to steer our country in the forward direction.

Resilience is what I see in the face of every straight-and-forward-thinking naija born that I have met. They say we are ‘suffering and smiling’, somehow we have found joy in severe tribulation. By some means, we tend to do for ourselves what the government is supposed to do for us. And that, my dear brethren and sistren, is the strength and nature of resilience that we have.

Why am I taking time to spew the obvious? It’s very straight forward, it’s because you are resilient. You are a naijarian and you do not back down. Just in case, you have forgotten, tenacity resides within you. You are a naijarian who has learned to make lemonades from those lemons life is throwing at you. Look around your immediate environment with an open mind for opportunities as they legitimately present themselves to you. You cannot afford to let the negative experiences, failure of the government or family, maybe, to keep you from the ferocious attainment of your God-given goals. Go ahead, unleash your tornadoes for your progress and by extension, our collective progress.

For inside you lies the propensity of an excellent, resilient naijarian.

Photo credit: IG- @davdkuko

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  1. Was hoping for resilience to keep track , records of all gifted Nigerians around the globe if possible, … Records can be of previous, present and or may be future records…. Tnx..

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