I hear it before I feel it.

Its aggressive cousin, thunder, gives its grand entrance

It grabs my attention with hands from above

Dressed in a voice so loud you can’t miss it


I smell it before I feel it

The wind blows fragrances down from the earth

Up to my nostrils 

A smell that is embedded with what I swear must be from the heavens


I see it before I feel it

The temporary blindness from gloomy clouds is illuminated

By an equally temporary, yet blinding light

That’s the irony of lightening 


I feel it in places I didn’t remember existed on my body

Cleansing me with its soul

Pouring out its all on me

Giving me the kind of love that I long to feel 

Even when it doesn’t rain

POET: Little Writer In The Dark. 

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  1. “Giving me the kind of love that I long to feel, Even when it doesn’t rain”

    That’s the feeling we all crave for one time or the other, even when the love seems impossible to behold, we still long and yearn for it.

    I must confess am in love with this piece.

    1. We are too. It’s such an emotional piece.
      You can also get your articles or poems on the blog too.
      Just use the ‘guest post submission’ feature and submit. 🙂

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