To find respite when you need it…

This is for when your mind has been disengaged from anything educational for whatever reasons. It happens all the time to the best of us. It is okay to be detached from your present task. It is never okay for you to be idle. It is in this idleness that depression finds us. You must learn to actively relax your mind. If you’re still trying to find your “thing”, you can dedicate a couple of hours a week to one of these tasks until you find your niche.

  • Sports– Pick one, kit up and just go for it. Your body, mind and soul will benefit from this.
  • Learn a language– Start from the basics and practice a phrase every day.
  • Write– Write everything and about anything. When you scheme and when you reminisce. One line at a time. Write for yourself. You don’t have to publish everything you write. Keep the things you write carefully. (trust me on this one.)
  • Read– everything. Read out of your knowledge circle. Read to improve your vocabulary and communication skills. Read to know. Read just because.
  • Watch a documentary– There’s so much to learn from people’s lives, what they’ve done, how things happened, how things are made.
  • Yoga/meditate– Help your mind find peace, an escape from the noise of the world.
  • Walk– Alone. With calming music (if you can). Slowly. In the evenings.
  • Watch tutorials– Improve on whatever your “thing” is. Learn from those who have been at it longer than you have.
  • God time– Nothing is more important than this. God is ever willing to help you but you must understand how He operates to enjoy this help. Dedicate time to your personal relationship with God.

You must remember that while trying, you will fail. Sometimes because you’re just starting out and need more practice. Other times because that may not be your thing. Prepare your mind for this failure but don’t let it keep you down. Keep trying or try out other things, whatever the case may be.

Written by Lois Samari

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