One of the most exciting things about the year is when we get to promise to be different people the next year, to change things about us that we don’t like or that no longer work for us. It undeniably gives us more hope for the coming year. Something to look forward to and start the year with the right energy…up until we find ourselves failing on these promises and back tracking to where we started when we made those resolves only to begin the cycle again. 

The problem isn’t always that our resolves are bad or that they won’t work for us but there’s definitely a fault in our methods that we need to look into. We can rectify this fault by the following:  

  • Learn to start small: Make them weekly or monthly resolutions. Breaking things down into smaller bits is a tried and true method of managing any task.
  • Write down your goals: It makes them seem less farfetched. There is an unexplained magic behind writing that no other form of holding information can top.
  • Categorize your goals into different aspects of your life (spiritual, financial, academic etc) and deal with them one at a time until you’re able to handle more than one thing. 
  • Set incentives for every goal: Have a little reward for completing every task. 
  • Have reminders to complete each task: to make sure you don’t get caught up in the same patterns that you want to break.
  • Get a partner with similar goals to push you to always make moves. Or someone who has done the thing you want to do. 
  • Forgive yourself for every failed attempt at accomplishing a goal BUT start again. Evaluate whatever you did wrong the first time, change tactics or location but don’t stop until you get it done. 

Whether at the beginning, middle or end of the year, whenever you decide to make changes in your life, have this mantra chanting at the back of your mind 


Keep doing the small that you start REGULARLY. Things become easier to do when they become habits. It will start to feel like it takes little or no effort to accomplish these tasks.

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  1. HI lepwa
    This write up is dope.
    I like the starting small. Forgive yourself along the way. For me I usually tell my student’s and nephew what I want to achieve. They remind when I’m erring.

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