The investment advice you need.

So, after falling for so many “invest 2k, refer 3 people and get 20k” schemes (like me). 

You might as well start selling all the premium tears you’ve shed and forget about investing. 

Well that would work but the only problem is that investment is essential in building wealth and becoming financially stable. 

I know it’s not an easy thing to do because scams, buying stocks, doing foreign exchange, cryptocurrency and all the traditional ideas of investment seem out of reach or like quantum physics to a literature student. 

Well I’m here to share the biggest investment move that you can make over time and won’t fail you especially as a young adult. 











It’s YOU. 

(Get it? 🌝)

Think about it, the biggest investment you can make is in yourself. After all, you’ll always have you. 

So, why not invest in yourself?

The most successful people are where they are because they invested in themselves. It’s the only way they could be experts in their fields, make smart business decisions and add value to their communities and their world at large. 

Before investing, you’ll need to know about investment and the learning process of that is an investment on its own. (Makes sense?)

You put time, data, conversations, money and energy into learning in hopes that your knowledge will lead you to making better decisions. 

You’ll need to:

Learn a whole lot of things: At first, your learning might seem directionless because you’ll have to dabble into a little bit of everything. With time, clarity will come on what you need to focus on.

Invest in a skill: if you hear the phrase “learn a skill” one more time this year, you might puke. I know. But sorry not sorry, that’s the way forward. 

Whether a tech skill or hand work, or better still both, you need to put your back into something. 

These skills are what saved a lot of people during the pandemic (Remember all those graphic design and chin chin making WhatsApp classes?) and they’re so relevant because a lot of job opportunities require them. 

Decide and consciously act: this is a struggle because motivation will fall your hand when you need it and ghost on you. 

Surround yourself with people who get sh*t done. Note how I didn’t say people that motivate you?

Being with people who have made a similar decision, your burden will be lighter(ish) because they form a support system for when things get tough. 

Where to start: I left this for last on purpose, it’s a burning question and I have an amazing answer today. Jordan Peterson says if you want to organize your psyche, you start by organizing your room, by doing that you are organizing your field of being and experience. After you have done that, make sure it is organized always. After a few days of it being constantly organized, look around for something in the room that bothers you and fix it. For example, maybe a stack of papers that you hate seeing remove or organize them. Keep doing this and it will become easier to apply this to your psyche and life.

Give it your all: you just have to go all in to get what you need. Watch the whole 1 hour plus of the video, listen to the whole podcast, read an extra page of the book. 

There’s no other way to do it. 

Written by Lois Samari & Imoh Omizegba

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  1. I quite agree with the investing in yourself idea.

    Especially in this side of the world were scamming and the wonder bank,
    double your money is on the rise and rise.

    We should invest TIME. its our greates assets as youth. we have alot of it now.
    invest time in acquiring skills. high paying skills.

    Almost everything that has a price, has a free version online.

    if you cannot afford a coding class.
    you can take one for free on YouTube.

    I would also encourage everyone to invest time in acquiring DIGITAL SKILLS
    As everyone is going online since Covid 19 Lockdown.

    Several business move up online. they will need young people with digital skills from programming, to marketing to sales, to content, product creation, to influencers.

    And the best way to show your works is to learn it, do it and share it.

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