the new kids on the block…

Meet your freshmen:

  • The Enthusiast.
  • The Apathetic.
  • The Slay Kings and Queens.

The Enthusiast: a craving for education. “This has been the game plan all along, being in university and getting a degree. I’m here now and I must check all the boxes: attending lectures, doing assignments, test and exams. That’s my sole focus right now. Everything else can wait.”

The Apathetic: “Well, I can’t undo being here so let’s just get this over with. I’ll go for classes, yeah. Do what I can (I’m trying my best here) and be done with it. No extras needed.”

The Slay Kings and Queens: “It’s my time to shine. To express myself in my Sunday best, every day. Kill ‘em with the looks, always stay on fleek! Then everything else.”

We all must have come with at least one of these thoughts at the back of our minds as freshmen, but the narrative changes. Being in uni is a much different ball game that no-one is prepared for.

It might take a while to find who you are and what works for you, how to navigate this life you cannot escape. You might even find yourself switching from the enthusiast to the apathetic at different times. These things happen. But here’s a way to make sure you’re not lost for long:

Settle down quickly– Education is your priority and your parents are paying a ton of money for you to be here so you might as well do your best.

Understand your environment– It will have a bigger impact on your education than you may realize right now. This includes your lecture halls, patterns, time table, the lecturers themselves and extra-curricular activities.

Understand yourself and work with who you are– Find out if you’re a night owl or a daytime person. When do you concentrate best? What will help you concentrate when studying? I’ve found that some people actually like some sort of noise in the background while others cannot tolerate such while reading. Know what works best for you.

Be consistent– the moment you get that magic potion to keep you on top of your academic game, you’ll need to stick with it. This way, you’ll be able to fit in every other activity that you want without being overwhelmed.

These principles can be applied by anyone in any learning environment with great academic results ensured always.

Written by Lois Samari

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