Reimagining the ordinary

These days, it seems like everything revolves around creativity. 

On how vast your mind is.  

How you perceive and create/recreate things. 

It is the center piece of development and is in high demand in every organization, establishment and country as a whole.

Before we dive in further, we need a clear understanding of the term ‘creativity’.

 It is a concept wider than the context of artistic creativity we usually see it as. We must look at it in terms of reimagination of already existing ideas. 

An idea of questioning, dismantling and rebuilding what was in order to provide solutions to problems. 

Being aware of this definition, we now understand that creativity is a notion that we must consciously let to be a part of various decision-making processes and in different dimensions of our lives and society in general. 

And just like anything else, creativity requires suitable conditions to come out at its best.

Uni life is the best of both worlds.

It exposes your mind to so much that can feed your creativity. 

But at the same time, can restrain you from letting out that creativity. 

Which brings us to the question:

Are universities designed to encourage creativity and innovation for students?

Some may propose that they are with the arguments of having entrepreneurship classes for all students (across various courses/departments) at some levels.

But that isn’t enough. Talking to some students at Bingham University, we asked them “what challenges do you face as a creative mind in school?”. To cut the long story short, their issues all boiled down to the following:

  • Too rigid or limiting rules and regulations like time constraints
  • Limited clubs and societies that allow innovation and interaction
  • No support from the school authorities to engage students productively 
  • Lack of amenities like power supply, good internet connection
  • Confinement to a particular environment that may inhibit a broad thought life

All these issues, and many more, stem from close-mindedness. From authorities and students alike. The moment we open our minds to the idea of trying what has never been, we are one step closer to achieving the development we seek. 

But what kind of environment really promotes creativity?

One where all parties involved are aware of the importance of creativity. Everybody has a part to play in the attempts to include creativity as a part of our system. 

The School Authority – 

  1. Restructuring – readjusting existing protocols and sub-systems to create comfortable and conducive atmosphere for students.
  2. Inclusion – Some of the issues pertaining to student welfare can be sorted out by, you guessed it, involving the students. Hear them out, learn from them, ask them questions, trust certain responsibilities into their hands, involve them in decision making and see the difference it will make. It will stimulate their minds to think outside their comfort zones and strive for bigger things. This is what creativity is all about. 
  3. Support – support can come in different forms. From providing financial support in terms of scholarships to involving help from other organizations or individuals to teach and train students on a wide variety of subjects.

The students – 

  1. Self-education – read our post on this here.
  2. Associate outside your course of study – no one knows it all and so to step outside of your realm of knowledge you must align yourself with those that do things that are different from what you’re used to. 
  3. Form clubs/associations that solve issues – it’s a joy to meet people that share your point of view or passion to find those with whom you can share your concerns about certain issues. The best way to harness such a blessing is to form a club that formally talks about and seeks to provide solutions for these concerns. It’s more organized and greatly increases chances of achieving more as opposed to working alone. 

We’re serious advocates for creativity on all levels, starting from wherever you may be and we’d love to know how you’re going about creativity as an individual, group, a club, organization or school. 

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  1. We’re glad you enjoyed it Lizzy!
    And we agree, school work can get quite constricting for creativity. We hope to find a balance soon.

  2. I enjoyed this so much.
    I totally agree with the write-up.
    For me, I think the school environment has fostered my creativity to an extent. It has opened my eyes to see a lot, I have met and collaborated with other creative minds. However, I feel it has not done enough. One way or the other, it has prevented my creativity from fully expressing itself. Talk about endless lecture hours, work load and lots more leaving me little time to explore and create amazing content but that’s no excuse anyways.

    Thank you for the write-up🧡

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