2nd edition

Mogadishu Barracks. 

Host for the 2ndedition of the CDS barracks youth championship and home to the Mogadishu Takers. A community bound together by their zeal. 

It was awe inspiring.

Their dedication in the hours of sweat they gave day after day in the weeks prior to the competition. 

No pore was left without sweat.

No muscle unflexed. 

The fire they showed on court and on the bench. 

We saw confidence building shot after shot.

Networks forming from each pass.

And CDS barracks championship was an eye opener for such spirit and talent.

The competition was held between four barracks 

Mogadishu Barracks Asokoro

Mambila Barracks Asokoro

Lungi Barracks Asokoro

Airforce Barracks Airport

And four sports:





There are things we could take home from the entire run of the competition. 

Issues of disorganization and tardiness were the prominent matters in play during most of the games. 

  • The unfortunate mentality of ‘African time’ wormed its way into what should have been a flawless occasion. This viewed as lack of respect to the players for their time who, usually showed up before the officials for certain games (especially basketball). 
  • The closing ceremony, one meant to be a day of recognition and celebration left the players displaced and uninvolved with poor or a lack of sitting arrangement and no crowd control.
  • The rules of the competition stated that players must be twenty-one and under to participate. 

These rules were broken by several teams inviting players above the age range to compete with younger, less experienced players. 

Winning begins with participation but even this idea was discouraged in the minds of some of the participants when they realized that they were unevenly matched and started losing hope.

This was a lost opportunity to teach the younger generation a lot of unspoken lessons.

In its place, seeds of dishonesty and foundations of corruption were unknowingly planted. That singular act okayed any response similar to it in the minds of those watching, experiencing and playing. 

We hope for better conduct in the areas mentioned during the next edition. The youth should be celebrated and showcased in their prime, in their levels of experience and should be taught discipline and honesty at every juncture. So we call on the organizers and other sponsors and bodies of this competition and similar ones, to pay attention to the process and details usually overlooked for better results on all ends. 

Nevertheless, CDS barracks championship is one to watch out for.

One that put the youth out there while they showed their talents, skills and gave their best. 

Catch them young, they say and this is where you’ll find them at their best. On the court. On the field. 

It is a challenge to all of us to take on the area of sports especially with youth as an avenue for exploration and investment to move our nation to a place of pride and dignity for its own. 

We’d love to hear about any of such competitions you’ve participated in or know of. Tell us all about it in the comment section. Paragraph

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  1. this is a lovely,
    thank you for this.

    The championships can only get better
    if we stakeholders work together, hold our grounds on standards,

    show respect for the game.
    great thought. i very much agree with what you stated abou.

  2. Thank you so much Ene! 🙌
    We’ll definitely share it.
    Please you can send the link and do same. ☺

  3. Amazing article ! I really wish we would share this appropriately until it gets to the organizers. It’s full of truth and content abg💯

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