An Election like no other

Bingham University Student Representative Council elections ‘21

This year’s SRC elections was one like no other. Several things set it apart from the previous ones and it might probably be the last of its kind.

Like all things in 2020 it felt the winds of the whole lockdown due to COVID. The election was suppose to hold over 6 months ago during the second semester of the last academic session, but Corona had other plans. Due to the global pandemic, the second semester of last academic session was done virtually. Zoom, google classroom and other virtual online techniques were employed.

And the elections being the zenith of student matters during that second semester was left out the picture. There were many speculations on how the elections would take place. Would it be online like our teaching or would we have to wait to further notice to hear about it. In the mean time aspirants were “creating awareness” trying to win hearts ahead of time.

By this time the two hottest candidates for president were the former BHUMSA president Choji Ebenezer and Mass Communications Lawos Kennedy. There were other notable posts that there were contentions for including the post of Financial Secretary involving candidates

from key departments like Medicine and Surgery. During the lockdown for an election that was still not certain about; whether it would be conducted or not there was a lot of agitation. As the lockdown break progressed and we entered the summer break, “awareness creation” became less frequent.

As school resumed a school caretaker committee was set up as there was no SRC to govern and take care of tbe students. For the 2020 half of the 1st semester there was no hint of SRC elections. Certain contestants who were forerunners with awareness creation dropped.

Fast forward to mid february during a town hall meeting in chapel with the VC it was announced the following week that SRC elections will hold, by then new aspirants including a presidential aspirant from law emerged, several initial contenders abandoned the race for several reasons, as no medical student was runnning for any SRC posts anymore likely because they were not considered  eligible Choji ebenezer one of the favourites dropped and was now endorsing Lawos.

With school being in the agitated state it was in; the school environment was not the most conducive for students with light and water less frequent than normal

and the geneal cost of living in campus elevated amongst other issues. Students were really looking for credible leaders to solve most of these issues.

A very ambitious and zealous young lady from Computer Science also came out for the post of president, making the presidential race and 3 way race. Vice president favourite Olive Okala now had a competitor Glory Ephraim who was making waves. The use of Social media has been strong in previous elections but not like what we’ve ever seen, campaign graphics were employed together with short videos.The campaigning and reception amongst students prooved to say that it’s not who starts running first that crosses the finish line first.

On election day 25th february Bingham decided and choose their student representative Council Excos, elections were suppose to be batch by batch based on department but certain issues delayed the electoral process which discouraged some students from voting but never the less a good number of students turned up to exercise their franchise and by 9pm election results were announced.

Many winners who emerged from this elections turned out to be those who started campaigning later than their

counterparts. As campaign season drew close the atmosphere was saturated with volatility as the predominant topic of conversation amongst students was who would occupy the SRC exco spots. With the unprecedented long distance between ‘awareness creation’ to election, aspirations were dropped, alliances formed and broken new foes formed but at the end of the day, the majority had their say and choose who they wanted as their leaders.

Many students were of the opinion that the elections is a show of charisma instead of capability but then there’s a thin line separating capabilities and a display to rouse false confidence and charisma doesn’t come without knowledge and ability. Never the less the people spoke and their voices were heard and their leaders chosen.

Written by Terhide Kyeleve

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