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90days 1,000 words writing challenge with Coachkomi

Still savouring the euphoria that the new year brings, the usual chants of new year, new life, new year resolution, new year goals etc. are still the burning echos of the day but as a writer what are your aspiration for the year?

Hey! Don’t tell me you don’t have any. Unless you’re planning on remaining the way you were last year. Don’t give me that excuse that the year is old already!

It’s been said that If you want a different result from something you’ve been indulging in without the desired result then try a different approach, do something you never did.

So here’s the deal.
Coach_komi will be going on a 90days 1,000 words writing challenge which will start off from on the 4th of January – 8th of May, 2020.

Sounds adventurous right. Great! That’s the sole aim of the challenge.

Every participant will choose to write on any topic, inspiration, speech, poetry etc. That doesn’t interfere with the peaceful co-existence of mankind and share on his/her social media handle with a #90days1thousandwords.
#Coachkomi etc.

To make it more fun and lively, posting days would be Mondays to Fridays while Saturdays and Sundays are for rest, catch ups and reminiscing over all that you’ve written so far. if you dont feel like posting it on your social media handles its okay too but that shouldn’t be a tantamount foe relenting.

A button would be created on the blog, so that everyone can submit link and share. Every person will get to read write ups from different folks with verse ideas and make comments where necessary.

Benefits from the host (CoachKomi)

– Every participant will be taught for free how to launch their blog website and personal brand. So, at the end of the challenge each person will be able to build or own a blog to whatever name you deem fit to.

– Share social media skills that employers are looking for.

– Digital marketing skills and a lot more.
PS: The first 30 days is writing, just write, this is the fastest way to learn self discipline with a focus to explore who you are, you dont even know what lies with you till you try… we will be learning blogging, podcasting, public speaking self awareness, self worth and more.

Feel like starting the year on an adventurous note? Wanna make this year more memorable? Then hit the link below to join the group chat.


Do well to hit the share button🤗

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