I need not preach to the choir about being broke. It’s hard to not have money or to have to ask all the time for even the smallest of things. The older we get, the more independent we feel the need to be. And almost nothing makes you more independent than having and being able to control and manage your own income.

It’s time to stop expecting hand outs and start being able to hand out.  But you cannot expect something for nothing. You must be willing to put in work. Apart from money, being able to handle a business of some sort will give you a sense of responsibility and confidence that’ll help you grow.

Before you undertake any kind of business, be willing to risk, to fail, to learn, to profit.

Not sure where to start from? Here are some business ideas you can work while in school.

  1. Tutoring: take the knowledge you have and let it profit you. Organize tutorial classes and go and extra mile for it. Research and get material, flashcards for participants, students. Make learning easier and more convenient. You can’t lose in this type of business because you learn while you teach.
  1. Blogging: Blogs are a great way to share things you’re passionate about with people. Giving a platform for enlightenment, allowing people express their feelings about issues that concern them. How does this earn you money? If you create content very relatable and relevant to your reader base, they become your market and the wider your reader base, the better.

Here’s how it goes:

(a) You can train people based on what your blog is about say, fashion or web design.

(b) You can go into consulting.

(c) You can advertise for other brands or businesses.

(d) You can publicize events and shows. There’s a whole lot more to profit from.

Vlogging: a video blog is the form of a blog that uses video as a medium. YouTube is the most common channel for vlogging that you can use just as you would a blog. It creates more opportunity to attract a wider audience with visuals.

  1. Online jobs: There’s a lot of legitimate ways of making money without even having to do so much. There are companies that need people to test out products before they launch. There are those that need you to test out applications. Some need to create traffic on their sites and pay for it. Some require writing, proof reading, editing works and so on. Here are some links to legit online jobs you can try out today.

  1. Sport/physical trainer: Take your devotion to sports and exercise to another level and train others who are interested. Be committed to it so your commitment shows and earns trust from your trainees. Do more research on how to create a routine that will suit them to achieve the best results and get paid for this.
  1. Photography and Videograhy: Capture moments and events for people, blogs or clubs or turn artworks and photos into posters for good pay. This is also an outlet for your creativity.
  1. Selling designs, song lyrics, recipes or whatever you’re creative at.
  1. Doing assignments or writing essays for people’s school work.
  1. Graphic design: creating a brand or logo for businesses, marketing and advertising graphics (magazines, banners, postcards etc.), publications (book covers and the likes), packaging, motion graphics designs and so on.
  1. Retailing: There are so many products to sell from make-up products to clothing articles, accessories, stationery etc.
  1. Social media influencer: use your army of followers and friends on social media to work with brands as an influencer.


How to handle business as a student

Having it is one thing, keeping it is another. If you want your business to keep profiting you while you’re in school, work with these tips:

  1. Plan – Take a feasibility study to understand what is needed for the business, the target market, etc.
  1. Promotion – look for the best medium to create awareness of your services to the target market.
  1. Money management– whatever money comes out of your business should be handled diligently to ensure returns for capital to continue the business, to calculate profit and loss to make necessary adjustments.
  1. Balance – remember the primary game plan is to do well at school so give as much attention as is required for your education and with proper time management and priority setting, you will succeed at both.

Are you into business while in school? how did you manage it? Please share what worked for you in the comments.

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